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Hands-on with Monsoon's new HD-capable HAVA streamer

Nilay Patel

Well, after both Samsung and Netgear demoed wireless HD streaming yesterday -- and Netgear actually got cheers for pulling out a RAID drive while doing it -- Monsoon's breathless press release for its HD-capable HAVA hardware streamer seems a little overenthusiastic, but it's their party, so we won't wreck it too much. The new box rocks 802.11n and allows users to multicast up to 1080i video to unlimited clients on their home network and one broadband-connected client over the net -- including WinMo phones -- and the PC client software features PVR features that'll allow you to pause and rewind the stream. Monsoon says the new HAVA gear will be available in spring through "select retailers," but pricing details are still a little up in the air. We actually caught some time with this thing yesterday in what looks to be the older-style casing, check it out in the gallery!

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