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Hands-on with the Motorola ROKR E8

Chris Ziegler

We're awfully disillusioned by the lack of 3G data -- a phone with a display, a keypad, and an overall look this sexy deserves better. Be that as it may, though, anyone who thinks they can plod along happily on EDGE alone owes it to themselves to have a nice, close look at the ROKR E8 when it comes out later this quarter. The landscape QVGA screen was awfully bright and crisp (though the eerie, dim blue lighting plaguing the room could make it seem artificially great), the glossy black shell is pretty gorgeous, and it's hard to deny the cool factor on a mighty morphin' keypad. Complaints? The usual 3G whining aside, we'd have preferred a full circle for music navigation instead of the funky three-quarter thing we have here. Call us fickle!

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