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Kingston gets crazy with the flash drive action

Nilay Patel

Considering that one and 2GB flash drives are being handed out by every vendor at CES like candy, we're not sure exactly why Kingston is crowing about a bunch of new DataTravelers , but if you're in the market for a new stick, they're worth a look. The DT HyperX (pictured) is the expensive speed line here, offering read speeds of 30MB/sec and 20MB/sec in capacities ranging 2GB for $74 to 8GB for $266. If you're just looking for pure capacity, the DT 110 line will get you in the game at 1GB for just $12, and maxes out at 8GB for $104. If you're the type who wants a flash drive preloaded with random apps, the DT 400 series comes with MigoSync, a utility that promises to keep your various machines in sync. Of course, that's going to cost you -- the 400 series starts at $31 for 2GB and goes up to $137 for 8GB. Pictures of 'em all in the gallery -- surprise, they look like flash drives.

Gallery: Kingston Flash Drives | 2 Photos

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