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Kodak intros slew of new EasyShare cameras

Darren Murph

Not that we really expected Kodak to blow the doors off here at CES, but it did manage to unveil a gaggle of new cameras. On the docket first is the EasyShare V1273, which features a 12-megapixel sensor, a 3-inch LCD touchscreen and a 3x optical sensor. Following closely behind is the 10-megapixel M1033, which also shares the aforementioned 3x zoom / 3-inch monitor. Lastly, we've got the Z1085 IS Zoom, which gets equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor, a 5x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. It's also noted that the V1073, Z1285 Zoom and the Z8612 IS were mentioned, but we're left to surmise that these are simply variants of the others with a few more / less megapixels.

There's also an EasyShare m763, m863, m893 IS. Bet you can't tell which one has an image stabilizer.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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