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Mega Man rocks the pipes

Candace Savino

We love a good dose of video game art, especially when it involves Mega Man and some ingenuity. This piece by 8-bit Artist made use of 23 pipes, each of which are painted 360-degrees around. On the opposite side is Mega Man in his red and orange Heat Man suit (though we prefer the Blue Bomber suit, ourselves). The pipes are also just shy of two feet, making this a good size for some wall hanging (or not, as it's two-sided). Unfortunately, if any of you collectors out there were hoping to do so, it won't be happening since the piece already sold.

While we love the idea of using the pipes as a canvas, a part of us wonders whether this would be an idea better suited for Mario. Mario is, after all, an Italian plumber who often uses pipes to get where he's going. It's still cool, nonetheless, so check after the break to see some more pictures.

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