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Texas Instruments shows off DLP DualView technology

Darren Murph

You've already had a chance to see the DLP DualView technology in action, but just in case you needed an official word that it was here to stay (for now, at least), Texas Instruments has doled out just that. Essentially, the system enables two viewers to see two completely different images on the same screen so long as they're both rockin' a set of specialized glasses. Reportedly, TI hopes to make multiplayer gaming a whole lot more fun (and fair, we suppose), but you will need "a compatible source," a 3D-ready DLP TV and a pair of DualView glasses to get things up and running. 'Course, we've no idea how soon this stuff will hit the mainstream, but hey, there's nothing like fraggin' it up with a set of specs that just reek of 1980, right?

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