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The 25 most popular gamertags of 2007

Dustin Burg
Save's lovable french fry connoisseur TriXie recently got around to tallying up the numbers and publishing the Top 25 Gamertags of 2007 which is viewable after the jump. And it should be no surprise to see names like Major Nelson, e and trixie360 leading the list. But if you go a little further down you'll notice that, sandwiched between casinoguy and DeaconBlade360, is our once very own Knuckles Dawson at the 19th spot. Congrats to David for making the list as we continue to wonder how a gamertag by the name of CerealKiller5 beat us out. Oh well, our super popular day will come eventually when our gamertag will be plastered on billboards, print and the internets the world over! One day, oh yes ... one day.

[Thanks, Jon Rojas]

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