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TI aims to prove RPTVs still have a place in the market

Ben Drawbaugh

At the same time as some manufacturers are getting out of the RPTV market, Texas Instruments is continuing to find ways to add legs to their RPTV light engine technology. We don't think anyone would try to argue that front projector setups are going anywhere anytime soon, but RPTVs need some extra features to give them an edge over its thinner competitors. The most intriguing new feature is "3D Ready" and with the correct equipment this feature can enable you to enjoy 3D entertainment at home. DualView also sounds pretty cool, the way it would work is that two gamers could play against each other on the same TV without seeing the same video, but unfortunately they'd have to wear some customized DualView eye-wear. Although these features sound interesting, who knows when they will be a reality, but we have already seen a few new sets featuring at least one of them.

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