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Toshiba's CES press release reveals HD DVD Concierge


Sure some people think the format war is over after Warner's big move, but we can still take a peek at Toshiba's planned next move for the format. Recognizing the confusion even the most informed consumers experience with HDM and HDTVs, Toshiba's CES HD DVD press release revealed "HD DVD Concierge", an 888 number customers can call for assistance with HD DVD, or to be indoctrinated in the glories of red "receive assistance with various marketing initiatives". Similar to Panasonic's Plasma Concierge and Sharp's new Aquos Net support/marketing services, its good to know we can get help with any HD questions we're having, like "What do you plan on doing next so that my HD DVD player doesn't end up gathering dust in the basement next to my Betamax?" Call 1-888-MY HDDVD for answers.

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