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TTH guide to the Torden Mires


Tabula Rasa's The Mires is a zone that's messy, more than a bit laggy, and infested with Bane. It's also the staging point for most of the activity on the Torden continent. This virtual version of Hades is for characters in their upper 20's (levels 27-30). Covered with enormous mountains, raging rivers of lava, and precarious cliffs, this zone is also filled with dozens of missions, three different instances and two control points to battle over. With all that, wouldn't it be handy to have a guide?

TTH's guide to the Torden Mires breaks down several of the bases and control points, gives some very helpful tips and tricks, points out what to avoid, and even provides a handy location chart for the 11 Logos abilities scattered across the continent. If you've become as obsessed with Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa as I have over the holidays, be sure to check out all of TTH's invaluable guides.

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