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Cinemassively: Age of Conan's Visual FAQ


Funcom recently held a contest for Age of Conan fans to put together a video showcasing their anticipation and excitement for the upcoming MMO (due out in March! Eeeeeeeee!), and they've picked the winner. Ben Avery has put together an amazing 'Visual FAQ' video that contains an aggregated collection of most of the information available about the game. Most of you will know most of what's in this video, but I'd be surprised if you knew every little bit -- it's pretty thorough. The video's after the jump, but be aware it's DivX, so make sure you have the plugin installed to watch it.

And though the video is a bit washed out in spots, it's still a solid piece of work, well worth your viewing time. Congratulations, Ben, nice work! You can see some of the other entries here. Ben has won a trip to Oslo to spend a few days with the development staff where he will live the life of a barbarian. Ben, if you're reading this, drop me a line and let me know how it went!

[Thanks, Griz!]

Here's the DivX video in all its glory:

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