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Air Guitar Rocker gets Guitar Hero license

Justin McElroy

Have you ever had this thought while playing Guitar Hero? "I'm really enjoying simulating playing guitar, but I just don't feel like a big enough tool." Luckily, Nitrous Roxxxxxide (extra Xs added for emphasis) and Jada Toys have your back with the officially licensed Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker.

Basically you strum a magical pick across a very demonic-looking belt buckle and one of 10 different songs (only five of which are licensed) comes streaming from a speaker that you'll also have attached to you. What's more, it doesn't require batteries, as it runs on pure human dignity (this feature still not confirmed). This video from CES makes it seem as if it works about 80 percent of the time, which maybe is to be expected, considering it's only going to set you back $30. Look for it (or don't) in March.

[Thanx, Franx]

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