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Bluetooth pairs with cake for 10th birthday

Chris Ziegler

Everyone raise your glasses for a toast, will you? The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (better known as the Bluetooth SIG to its pals) is throwing itself a little party celebrating ten years since its inception. It's been one heck of a decade, too, considering that the SIG started with just five members and has since grown to over 10,000; in that same span, wireless headsets have become all but ubiquitous, the standard has come to countless products covering hundreds of product categories, and a grand total of 1.5 billion-plus devices have shipped with that now-famous stylized "B" emblazoned somewhere on their shell. So just how does a special interest group shake its moneymaker on such a momentous occasion? A spat of playful Bluejacking, perhaps? Nah, nothing that saucy -- just a private party for SIG members at CES. Here's to another ten, Bluetooth.

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