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CEIVA rolls out new line of digital photo frames


Digital photo frames are anything but a rare commodity at this year's CES, and you can now add another batch to the tally, these ones coming to us from CEIVA. The most notable of the lot here is the 19-inch CEIVA Pro 190, which boasts an impressive 1280x1024 resolution, along with built-in wireless connectivity, a remote control, and a card reader of an unspecified sort. Rounding things out are the 8-inch CEIVA Pro 80 (also with WiFi), the 8-inch CEIVA Life with connections for a phone line or broadband, and the 8-inch CEIVA Share, which uses only a plain-old phone line to let you share photos with friends and family. No word on a release for any of them just yet, but you can expect to pay between $150 and $230 for the various 8-inch models, with the price of 19-inch a little less than readily available (read: quite a bit more expensive).

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