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Rumor: Peggle, Bliss Island and UBAM to XBLA [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Peggle has now been confirmed for a Q2 2008 XBLA release. More details here.

Today, being the little detectives we like to think we are, we decided to go search crazy on the ESRB ratings board website and we struck XBLA gold! We came across Xbox 360 listings for three new and unannounced XBLA games including PopCap's addictive Peggle, Codemasters' Bliss Island and Majesco's Ultra Bust-A-Move which, in all honestly, could be an Xbox Original seeing that it originally released to the black box a few years back. Since we found all these games listed on the ESRB we have absolutely no other details pertaining to release dates or pricing, but we're sure we'll be seeing one, two or all of them making headlines later this year. So, who is up for some XBLA Peggle?

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