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Toshiba cranks out trio of portable DVD players

Darren Murph

Toshiba's portable DVD players aren't anything to write home about, but we figured it prudent to dish out the details regardless. Up first is the budget-minded SD-P71S, which rocks a 7-inch widescreen LCD, a "rubberized black cabinet," three hours of battery life and support for WMA, MP3 and JPEG files. Moving on up, we've got the 9-inch SD-P91S, which touts a swivel screen and dual headphone outputs, and if you're lookin' for the flagship unit, point your attention to the "top of the line" SD-P101S, which includes a 10.2-inch display (800 x 400 resolution), five hours of battery life and a 4-in-1 multicard reader. If one of these catch you just right, you can pick it up for $129.99, $179.00 or $299.99 (in order of mention).

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