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Toshiba introduces SD-4100 / SD-6100 DVD players

Darren Murph

Toshiba wasn't exactly enthused about the recent happenings in the land of HD DVD, but it did manage to churn out a couple of new DVD players, one of which handles upconversion nicely. If you're somehow still not willing to make the leap to HD DVD / Blu-ray, the SD-4100 / SD-6100 just might fit the bill. The former leaves quite a bit to be desired, sporting just progressive scan (huzzah?), component outputs and MP3 / JPEG playback. If you managed to not doze of yet, you may be slightly (and we stress "slightly") more intrigued by the SD-6100, which offers up 1080p upconversion via HDMI, REGZA Link and support for WMA, MP3 and JPEG files. We have our doubts about anyone's eagerness to snag either of these, but if you're on board, you'll only have to lay down $39.99 / $69.99, respectively.

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