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Twenty-five moo-cows down a level 70 mage in user-created raid

Chris Chester

In an amusing spin on user created content, the Horde guild Eagles Pride on Malygos decided to make their own raid boss encounter. Sound impossible? Not if you take the time to figure out how to balance things out, as this lot of moo-cows did. Twenty-five level 1 Tauren went head to head against a level 70 frost mage. Using macros and set out scripts, the fight had four phases to it, and took about 10 minutes to complete. They describe the encounter as reminiscent of Shades of Aran. The concept is fairly amusing in and of itself, and shows a good deal of creativity. The only problems with the operation of the fight was that they couldn't find a good way to manage aggro, and spell resistance makes casting in this kind of fight next to impossible.

Another video of the encounter (with slightly more annoying music) can be found after the jump, and shows it from the perspective of a raider, as well as some of their first few wipes. Color us amused.

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