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Kodak to use anti-counterfeiting measures on camera batteries

Nilay Patel

Counterfeit batteries and chargers are a legitimate problem for electronics manufacturers -- faulty components tend to go up in (literal) smoke, and have even caused deaths -- so we can totally see why Kodak has decided to join Nokia and NEC in decided to employing an anti-counterfeiting system in its digital camera batteries. The system, called TRACELESS, uses invisible markers that can be mixed directly into thermally-printed barcode labels, and can only be detected by handheld Kodak readers. Apparently Kodak's already deployed the system in the pharmaceutical, wine, and cosmetics industries, and the results seems to have inspired a little cockiness -- Philip Faraci, Kodak's president, says counterfeiters should simply stop tying to replicate Kodak's batteries, "because [they] simply won't be able to do it." That kind of confidence has apparently convinced Sanyo to license out the tech for its cams as well, but Kodak hasn't said anything about legitimate third party accessory manufacturers -- which has us a little worried, to be sure.

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