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Nintendo to help Blu-ray win the format war?


This is something we never imagined we'd be discussing. With the Wii's lack of HD output, we never gave much thought to the new formats of HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Now, we're going to have to rethink things, as a very interesting piece comes courtesy of Rob Enderle.

He seems to think that because the Wii is so popular, but unable to completely fulfill the incredible demand for the console up until now, Nintendo inadvertently pushed sales over to Sony's PS3. This, combined with the good numbers Blu-ray discs were getting at retail, are going to be big factors in what Enderle sees as Blu-ray's eventual victory.

While the high definition format war isn't something that we usually cover here at Wii Fanboy, it's interesting to see someone look at Nintendo's problem of satiating demand for the console in this way.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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