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Project Bang! announced to hit Wii Ware [update]

Candace Savino

Aside from regular updates on The Young King and the Promised Land, we haven't heard much about Wii Ware titles lately. Netherlands-based developer Engine Software, however, broke the silence by announcing a new game for the service. Temporarily titled Project Bang!, we don't know much about the game, but we do know it will support motion controls and include a two-player battle mode.

Engine Software is the developer that coded the DS version of Puzzle Quest, which can be a good or bad thing. Puzzle Quest is one of the most addicting games for the DS to date, but the game was very buggy. Since the company was hired by developer 1st Software to work on the game (in other words, they didn't come up with the concept for Puzzle Quest, just the coding), Engine Software was at least partly responsible for those glitches. That doesn't mean this new Wii Ware title will have the same problems, of course, but it's worth noting.

Since we have no idea what kind of game Project Bang! is, we hope to see some more details emerge soon.

[Update: The press release states that Wii Ware is scheduled to launch in March 2008. We haven't heard anything tangible from Nintendo yet as far as a launch date for the service in the US, so is this a possible slip up on Engine Software's part, or are they referring to the Japanese launch? Probably the latter, but we'll keep you updated as we hear more.]

[Via press release]

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