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Rumor: Suikoden VI in the works for Wii


Take this one with a sandbox full of salt, because it's roughly a third-generation rumor. In the NeoGAF thread about the PS2 port of Gundam Musou (poor PS3), poster Jonnyram reported that some 2ch posters reported that the latest Jump magazine reported that Konami is planning Suikoden VI for the Wii.

If this is true, we would be really surprised it would obviously be a boon to the Wii, which is still lacking in established Japanese RPGs. The Suikoden series, loosely based on a historical Chinese novel, has long been a favorite of, well, people willing to pay $255 for a PlayStation game. The main series has appeared on the PlayStation and the PS2, with other releases (a card game and a port of the first two games) on the GBA and PSP.

This isn't the first time such a wacky rumor has appeared on GAF. Just over a year ago, remarks from the series' producer caused some posters to speculate (wildly) that the next game would show up on Wii. A year and like a billion consoles sold later, it doesn't sound so wacky.

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