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WeGame makes gameplay video sharing easy

Kyle Orland

GameTrailers, GameVideos, YouTube ... it's not like we're hurting for ways to watch video game clips online these days. So today's public beta launch of might seem a little redundant. But there are a few reasons we like this new little site.

For one, the site is focused on entertaining gameplay videos and machinima, not gameplay-free promotional "trailers" or gamers cursing about NES games. For another, it comes with a simple, free tool for easily recording video from 22 popular PC games and uploading it to the site. And with $500,000 in venture capital funding, according to CrunchBase, this isn't some fly-by-night operation.

The beta already has some entertaining clips -- we particularly liked the automotive zombie melee and the clip of heavy firepower in Portal. All we need now is a way to record console performances, then we'll be golden. WeGame staff ... get on it!

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