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AT&T retooling data plans (hint: buh-bye, unlimited)

Chris Ziegler

The largest carrier in the US is poised to turn its entire data pricing and marketing strategy on its end according to a series of slides we've found entitled "Data & Messaging Plan Realignment - January 2008." First up, MEdia Net plans are being revised, and for the most part things seem to be getting a little cheaper. MEdia Max Unlimited, for example -- a plan that includes unlimited on-device data and messaging -- goes from $39.99 to an even $35. Next, tethering and data card plans are dropping the term "Unlimited" and imposing a "soft limit" of 5GB; users who consistently exceed that limit won't be charged overage but could be relieved of their plans if AT&T chooses to do so. As much as this sucks, it brings AT&T's official policy in line with the way the industry seems to be trending, as it proudly points out in the slides. Also notable is that slide 8 claims that the carrier will no longer be selling any "windows media devices" (we're pretty sure they meant Windows Mobile devices) without QWERTY keyboards. We're hoping that's not right since it arbitrarily locks AT&T out of picking up nifty WinMo kit like the Touch, but we wouldn't put it past 'em. This all goes down on the 20th, so keep your eyes peeled. Click below for the full slide deck.

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Update: We've been told that AT&T's newfound ban on non-QWERTY WinMo devices only applies to Smartphones, not Professional handsets, so it seems the Touch is theoretically spared here. Not to say AT&T has any intention of offering it anyway, we're just sayin'.

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