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Have a pint and a go at Wii Sports


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Now, if we were combining beverage time with Wii time, the product would probably be what you see to your right there. We have horrible coordination and the combination of alcohol into the mix would mean that we'd either spill our drink into our Wii or fall on it. That's just how we're built.

You folks in England, however, have a bit more in the alcoholic coordination department, as playing the Wii has become the new "it" activity in the pub. It has inspired Team Europe, a company who manages Poker tournaments in pubs, to start up a similar tournament across pubs for the Wii. And, you can even find some tournaments going on right now, on a regular basis in London, should you be the type of person who enjoys immediate action. In fact, one such pub hosts a Wii tournament every Wednesday and enjoys a lot of support from the 30 or so players that show up for the event.

This is just another example of the wonderful social aspect of the console, if you ask us.


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