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Hickey and Pachter talk Blu-ray and PS3

Jem Alexander

Analysts. They say the funniest things. Two analysts have made their thoughts on Warner's choice to abandon the HD DVD camp very clear indeed. Both see this development as only being a good thing for, not only Blu-Ray but, as a result, the PS3. Mike Hickey of Janco Partners writes that "if Blu-ray can win the current format war, the true value of the PS3 can be unlocked, and will likely lead to an acceleration of PS3 sales". The ever-lovable Michael Pachter agrees, but indicates that sales of the PS3 will be intrinsically locked with penetration of HDTVs.

Pachter further expects HDTVs to go from sub-10% penetration to over 50% later this year, which is when we're likely to see a spike in PS3 sales. Of course, all of this relies on Blu-Ray winning the format war. Though, with companies jumping off of HD DVD like rats from a sinking ship, we shouldn't have too much to worry about.

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