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Rumor: Microsoft to acquire Logitech


The early 2008 rumor mill continues to grind, and the latest is that Microsoft plans to launch a takeover bid (i.e. "buy") the peripheral maker Logitech. Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to purchase the company at a price of 48 francs per share, a 38% increase over the company's Wednesday closing price of 34.80 francs. Our friends at Engadget are skeptical of the rumor, noting that both companies are doing just fine without each other, and furthermore, Engadget sees little advantage for either company in such a deal. Being the 360 fanboys that we are, we see things a little differently. Knowing that Logitech manufactures gaming peripherals -- most notably, gaming mice -- and the rumor flying that Microsoft is trying to improve right analog stick input, the possible bid makes some sense. Then again, we imagine Microsoft has a pretty hefty R&D department as it is.

[Via Engadget]

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