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Alone in the Dark not delayed until September [update]

Justin McElroy

A look back at our coverage of Alone In The Dark reveals that most of the coverage on the game hasn't been focused on its intriguing episodic nature or any of its other features. The bulk of the posts are news of delays, both big and small pushing the game through the years like the world's slowest time machine. But today, friends, today ... we have another one of those posts. Games For Windows magazine reports in their latest issue that the game has been delayed from March to September of 2008.

We know that Atari has appeared to lean on AitD's promise a couple of times to try to make its future seem rosier. But, if we were at the helm, we would take the game deep underground until it was actually, really, seriously, no kidding going to come out. The last thing anybody wants is for Edward Carnby to get Nukemed.

Update: Atari says its not September.

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