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Goodies galore in Tabula Rasa Feedback Friday

Chris Chester

Gamer goodies abound in this week's version of Tabula Rasa's Feedback Friday from the fine folks at Destination Games. There doesn't appear to be terribly much development as far as the 1.4 patch is concerned (for those were sleeping under a rock last week - they gave a little preview of the new content), beyond that they're shoring up some of the bugs before they drop the patch on the public test realm. They also announced a new /robot emote and kirin mask for the three month veteran reward, and revealed that players will find some fireworks in their packs post-patch to help celebrate the Chinese new year. Sounds fun!

The biggest development this week is the announcement of Sanctus Grotto, a level 50 instance coming out later this month that will have players racing against the Bane to get to an Eloh artifact deep in the instance's bowls. They describe the instance as a "desperate race" against time, and we're hoping that this means it will actually be timed, and not just an inconsequential part of the lore. The end-game is in desperate need of being fleshed out, so the more content, the better. We'll likely hear more about this next week as 1.4 moves closer to being released on the PTR. Can't wait!

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