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Video: Hands-on with Gibson's Robot Guitar

Nilay Patel

Sure, it's been out for a little while, but considering how many Engadget editors play guitar (and the fact that Pete just started RCRD LBL), we figured we had to stop by Gibson's booth-bus complex and give the Robot Guitar a shot. The self-tuning axe actually weighs a little less than a regular Les Paul, even though it has gigantic motorized tuners and all that extra circuitry. To activate the system, you pull out a special tone knob and select one of the eight or so presets, and then simply strum until the lights flash blue three times. It's really fast, and undeniably cool, but for nine hundred extra bucks, we'll stick with our trusty TU-12. Video's after the break -- and make sure to check out the gallery for a shot of the weirdest thing we've seen in a while: eight dudes all plugged into Line6 Pods and headphones, rocking out quietly in a circle.

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