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Wireless Nunchuck is the best at CES, according to CNET

Candace Savino

There seemed to be a lot of mixed reactions when we posted about the Nyko Wireless Nunchuck. Responses were divided between excitement, cynicism, and "huh?" CNET is a fan of the product, though, as the website recently titled it as the "Best of CES" in the gaming category.

We wouldn't recommend placing too much stock in this CES decision. We're not saying that the Wireless Nunchuck is bad or useless, but CES's impressions of the product made it sound like a decent accessory rather than a must-have item. It makes us wonder if CNET made this choice based on a round of drunken roshambo (which is how we make all our decisions here at Nintendo Wii Fanboy).

If CNET is right, though, we can't say we're disappointed about having missed CES this year.

[Via GoNintendo]

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