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Cinemassively: Moonlit Sonata

Moo Money

Dimitrio Lewis creates a haunting tale of love and loss, in Moonlit Sonata. Combining stunning visuals and powerful transitions, he introduces us to a woman playing away her pain on the piano. While I'm not clear as to whether she is mourning the death of a loved one, or she is playing her own death march, it is beautiful nonetheless. If you enjoyed the film, you can also download the high resolution version.

While the movie is lovely, I have to complain about the intro, claiming he is "Second Life's Machinima Studio." It would have been just fine if he left off the possession, but it makes him seem like the only Machinimator out there. There are plenty, and you can be sure that the good ones will be featured here on Cinemassively!

[Thanks, Geuis!]

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