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One boss leaves!


Technically, this week, it's "two bosses leave" because we're wrapping up two separate fights. First up, Kel'Thuzad vs. Archimonde. This was a close fight, with a 14 votes (out of a total of 2508) separating the winner from the loser. As you might guess, opinions on the article were quite varied, with little consensus as to who would win or why -- but in the end, 14 more voters felt that Kel'Thuzad would be victorious.

Our next fight pitted Vaelastrasz against Illidan -- and this one was pretty clear cut, with Illidan getting a comfortable 67% of the vote. (Though there was a good amount of debate over the fairness of the abilities included for consideration, both Vael's Burning Adrenaline and Illidan's Shear.) Tragic, really, as I was rooting for Vael. (As commenter George M. noted, "Vaelastrasz destroyed Guilds. True story.")

If you enjoyed these fights, the next is set to be just as dramatic! Check back later to voice your opinion on the Twin Emperors against Chromaggus. (And check our brackets for the upcoming fight schedule.)

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