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Samsung Access, AT&T's other MediaFLO launch phone

Chris Ziegler

We already know that the Prada-esque LG CU920 Vu is one of AT&T's two launch handsets in support of its MediaFLO-based mobile TV rollout, but what's the other one the carrier mentions? Mobiledia has scored gorgeous shots of this not-so-gorgeous phone, the A827 "Access" from Samsung, and the combination of AT&T branding and a dedicated "TV" button next to the d-pad has us believing that it'll be stepping up to the plate for that role. Unlike the Vu, the Access seems to be a lower-end handset on account of a 1.3 megapixel cam, unremarkable design, and smallish display, so we're certainly hoping its price point reflects the specs accordingly. Good to see that AT&T wants to bring mobile TV to every price segment, we suppose.

[Thanks, Matt D.]

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