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Cassiopia server's roleplay event recap

Kyle Horner

Last week we reported on an ambitious roleplay event happening on Tabula Rasa's Cassiopia server. For those of you who didn't or couldn't attend, here's the lowdown on what happened. The gist of it was to take all control points in Descent and hold them for one hour. Things started off well with the capture of Fort Virgil. The large group then split into various smaller groups and went after different control points around the battlefield. Around the time they were grabbing the final control point, the group lost Virgil again. So Alpha Wolf Tommy (who we assume is some sort of sci-fi Rambo) went and took back Fort Virgil single-handedly.

By this time, the GM who was in attendance by the name of Critters, was spawning things left and right for the group to kill. Eventually Critters surprised everyone by spawning entire packs of Striders, which are strong enough on their own. In the chaos of defeating all the Striders, the group yet again lost Fort Virgil and so the event ended. Although there were rewards for everyone involved as they regrouped at camp Cato. Apparently pleased with their efforts, Critters handed out berets and some obligatory screenshots were taken for good measure.

All in all it sounds like everyone had lots of fun. So like we said last time, we hope these continue to happen at healthy intervals on all the servers.

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