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Cinemassively: The Patchie Chronicles

Moo Money

When an orc suddenly finds himself unfrozen after years of being trapped in his icy dungeon, he has plenty of questions for his accidental rescuer, Patchie,an enterprising goblin. Starting at patch 1.05, Patchie attempts to catch the orc up to speed on everything that's happened, while simultaneously putting him to work. As their stories unfold, we find out how the orc came to be frozen, and about Patchie's ethics, which are questionable at best.

The AFK Pl@yers created The Patchie Chronicles in December to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of World of Warcraft launching in Taiwan. Despite Patchie's flaws, I was so taken by the character that I suggested they base a whole series around him! Is there a character in a Machinima that you'd like to see a series about?


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