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FOX is giving away 200 MS point codes for FREE! [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: All of FOX's free Microsoft point codes for this promotion are now gone. Congrats to those who got in on the fun.

Come and get your free Microsoft points! As part of their marketing fun for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FOX is giving away 200 FREE Microsoft points to anyone with an email address and a gamertag. Yes, FREE with no strings attached. Simply head on over to the official Sarah Connor Chronicles website and look towards the bottom right hand side. There, you'll spot an "X-BOX FREE POINTS" form where you can enter your email address and gamertag. Then, wait a few seconds, check your email and tada! You should have received an email with a code you can redeem for 200 Microsoft points. We aren't sure how many codes they are giving away or how long this will last, so we advise heading over to the Sarah Connor Chronicles website stat. We love you FOX ... free Microsoft points FTW!

[Thanks, Eddie Barrera]

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