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Calling all Exobiologists, developer feedback requested

Chris Chester

When most people sit down to think about class types in MMOs, I would wager that the majority would conjur up images of spell-tossing wizards or muscular blade-wielding warriors. Few classes in recent memory seem as unintuitive as Tabula Rasa's Exobiologist class. A biologist running around in massive battles with lasers and machine guns being fired overhead? Now that just seems silly. Or at least, until you really take a good look at it; the tier 4 abilities make it obvious that the Exobiologist is really just a high-tech hybrid version of a necromancer, able to bring corpses back to life to fight by their side.

Problem is, like many of the other Specialist classes, the Exobiologist is still gimped quite a bit compared to its Soldier counterparts. As part of the promised changes to the specialist classes, the developers are reportedly calling for player feedback on the Tabula Rasa Vault forums. Take this as your opportunity to call for a boost in pet damage, and fight for your Exobiologist rights! Maybe if they got a buff I'd actually see one in action one of these days...

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