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Former Midway employee suing Nintendo over Wiimote technology

Ross Miller

In yet another patent infringement case this week for Nintendo, former Midway employee Pat Goschy is suing the money printer over a patent he holds from eight years ago involving motion controls similar to the Nintendo Wii remote, according to some local news station (via Go Nintendo - did anyone catch this news last night?). To validate his case further, Goschy has released a video on YouTube from 1999 where he shows off his system, which appears to be two wired sticks with accelerometers used to play the Dreamcast version of Ready 2 Rumble.

Goschy's video is embedded above. Warning: while the sight of the Dreamcast may excite you, the effects of Sega's final console might be counterbalanced by Goschy's lack of pants.

[Via Engadget]

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