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Rumor: Guitar Hero sequel to star U2

Justin McElroy

Now that we've had a taste of mixing the peanut butter of drumming and vocals with the chocolate of guitar and bass, it's hard for us not to wish exciting news about Guitar Hero would replace the words "guitar" and "hero" with "rock" and "band." The newest nugget from EGM's Quatermann is a perfect example. In the latest issue of the magazine, the rumor monger hints that a standalone sequel to Guitar Hero is in the works based around the music of Irish rockers U2.

Now, don't get us wrong, we'll be excited to channel our inner The Edge, but who doesn't want to be Bono? Or, to a far lesser extent, Larry Mullen Jr.? ... Oh, before we forget, we should mention that our Rock Band/Guitar Hero news juxtaposition law doesn't apply to whatever assault of depression Aerosmith's crafting. Guitar Hero can keep that. -- Or jettison it into blackest space. Either way.

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