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Sprint's new CEO to slash several thousand more jobs this year?


While we wait impatiently for a WiMAX implementation in our hometown, Sprint employees have something a bit more serious on their minds: more layoffs. Though 5,000 jobs were cut from the company's 60k strong workforce last year, there's a new sheriff in town, and he seems to think that more fat can be culled from the struggling wireless company. Brand new CEO Dan Hesse purportedly is trying to show a tough face to investors, and is rumored to have "several thousand" layoffs in the works. There's also word of a move by Sprint to consolidate company headquarters to better integrate Sprint and Nextel, and it appears the future of WiMAX is still a bit uncertain, since some investors aren't entirely thrilled by the $5 billion outlay required to build the network. It's not easy being number three.

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