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Unhappy Congress gets all up in FCC's business

Chris Ziegler

Expressing concern over a few recent irregularities (or perceived irregularities, anyway) in the way the FCC is going about its business, the US House Energy and Commerce Committee is starting to put the smack down. In a bipartisan action, committee head John Dingell and ranking Republican Joe Barton have fired a communique over to FCC honcho Kevin Martin -- a Republican -- asking him to start saving all records and emails related to his work. Congress, regulated companies, and factions within the FCC itself have recently become dissatisfied with the way the Commission handles its policies and procedures, with Martin himself taking much of the heat for alleged improprieties in failing to properly disseminate information to FCC commissioners ahead of votes, pushing for votes while Congress is asking the agency do more research and investigation, and proposing widely unpopular policy changes. Analysts are suggesting that the move won't likely have a profound effect on the FCC's policy docket, saying the complaints seem to be more "procedural" in nature and that Martin may need to spend more time around Congress to keep 'em happy. If that's not punishment enough, we don't know what is.

[Via Slashdot and Ars Technica]

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