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What is wrong with the world today?

Eric Caoili

Does this count as a furry pinup? Is "fur" a requirement for these sort of dealings? And if you're the kind of person who is really into dragons, wouldn't these anthropomorphised features (e.g. blonde hair, humanoid limbs, and dragon breasts all up in your grill) turn you off?

Apparently not! Upon seeing the above piece, deviantART member RajginKisaragi commented, "Very beautiful job! I'm glad to be a dragon looking at this ... *Boing*" There you have it, straight from the dragon's maw! A real-life dragon, at that!

Natasha "Dark Natasha" Mleynek painted the lid of this Black GBA SP back in 2004 for a friend. While the subject doesn't fit our tastes in either women or dragons, we recognize that Natasha is very skilled in her craft; there are few, if any, technical flaws with this customization. Believe us, she could have done a lot worse. Also, she added a layer of clear coat paint to protect her artwork from any man-handling.

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