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Disney Interactive hires former Atari exec ... stop giggling!


Loyal readers who peruse our humble site daily, please take a moment before this post starts to imagine the confluence of events that would need to occur for you (in your infinite wisdom) to ever hire a former high-level Atari executive to your video game company? Now, explain this: Disney Interactive Studios has hired former Atari executive Jean-Marcel Nicolai as the senior vice president of global production; in his position, he'll head Disney's external and internal projects. For those just tuning in on the drama: Atari's got problems.

In case you're thinking Nicolai was just a random executive at Atari, he was actually responsible for external product development, production support, technology development and managing five internal studios as VP of product development and chief technology officer. So, Disney hired the guy responsible for a lot of Atari games over the last few years. In trying to place this on the Disney Interactive "wall of weird," we don't know if this goes before the company telling us Turok will feature dinosaurs and its E3 press conference, or after.

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