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Highlander game exists, remaining fan excited


In our many travels, we have met all manner of geek, nerd, and weirdo. Sure, we all know about Trekkies and Browncoats and Jedi wannabes, but there is another more secret class. We are speaking, of course, of the Highlander nerd. The kind of nerd that swings a replica samurai sword as he screams "there can be only one!" his voice distorted by the rattling of a retainer. It is for this fan (and for all the fans that have successfully grown out of their "awkward phase") that we inform the masses about the impending Highlander video game from Eidos. Not only does the game exist, but there is a trailer for it as well. We should warn you though, the video -- much like all the latest entries in the Highlander franchise -- is of extremely poor quality. Also, the fact that the protagonist has lived for hundreds of years and somehow managed to retain his thick Scottish brogue is a little strange. Still, we're sure these annoyances are mere trifles to the dedicated Highlander fan, so click on to see the trailer for yourself.

[Via GameStooge]

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