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Japanese game adds a touch of reality


As if we don't already hear enough on the lack of separation between reality and games, a new Japanese title will use real-life locations in its game. It isn't anything that would cause alarm, like murder or something, but it is something that definitely caused a "!" here at the DS Fanboy offices. Mainly because we think it's such a cool idea.

We can definitely say that Zenrin Co. Ltd., the title of this game, is right up our alley. A detective title that asks players to visit tourist hot-spots and other locales of interest, we find the idea of a game sending us on a hunt for things in real life very intriguing. It's funny, because we can't imagine anything other than gaming to cause us to want to leave our dungeon of business (the years have made us fond of the stench and cage we're forced to live with down here).

[Via Nintendic]

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