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Lost Odyssey: the best game you'll ever read


Multiplayer has an interesting little preview up for Lost Odyssey, the upcoming RPG from Mistwalker starring an immortal man with amnesia. We've reported before that a significant portion of the game is taken up by flashbacks. The twist is that these flashbacks are actually written short stories for the player to read (if desired). While Multiplayer reports that the game is more or less aimed squarely at Final Fantasy fans, the short stories are apparently an entertaining diversion. It's explained that one of the reasons these stories are so entertaining is that they are significantly different from things tried in other, similar Japanese RPGs. It's not uncommon for games to present unlockable content as an incentive for players to keep on playing, but we're pretty sure that short stories are a first. Fret not if reading isn't your thing, as Multiplayer also takes a look at the rest of the game. You can hit the "read" link to check out the whole preview, or you can let us save you some time: if you like Final Fantasy, it sounds like you'll like Lost Odyssey. Just get ready for a lot of loading.

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