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Macbook Air: The downside


The Macbook Air is only a couple of hours old (to you and me, at least), and only a handful of people have even seen one, so let's pick apart its flaws! Just kidding. This post is meant to point out certain aspects of the little machine that may not be immediately obvious.

  1. No user-replacable battery. Not the end of the world, for sure, but a nuisance, especially as your battery's life drops to four hours, then three, then ... (but that's a few years away, right?). Shades of the user-inaccessible iPhone battery commotion here.
  2. Recessed USB slot will hinder certain peripherals. Prepare for a cottage industry of adapters to appear (much like those for the iPhone's headphone jack). Plus, there's only one -- expect small, streamlined & white USB hubs to appear soon.
  3. No Firewire port. Forget uploading digital video from a camera, or using those spiffy Firewire external hard drives.
Now, we're not ripping the MacBook Air apart here, just pointing out a few details you'll want to keep in mind if you plan to use it as your primary machine. Speaking of which, don't you love how the curved bottom makes it appear to be floating?

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