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PS3 Fanboy mini-interview: Naughty Dog's Evan Wells

Jem Alexander

This mini-interview may be short, but in answering these questions Evan Wells of Naughty Dog puts pay to a few little niggles we had regarding Uncharted and its potential future. Discussions are underway within the Naughty Dog offices regarding where the series can go next. We can't wait to see what they come up with. Beware going beyond the jump; there be spoilers (and pirates).

Why was the option for an "Install" feature not added to the game?

We wanted gamers to be able to start playing the game as rapidly as possible. It's always frustrating as a player to be so excited to start playing a game that you've been looking forward to for so long and you just can't wait any longer and then when you pop in the disc it makes you sit through an agonizingly long install screen. With Uncharted we designed the game so that you can play through the entire experience without a load screen AND without installing a bunch of extra data to fill up your hard drive.

Why were the slow motion cinematic camera angle jumps (or, at least, the one we kept seeing in trailers) removed from the game? It was in the build we played at Leipzig and it looked great!

It was just an aesthetic choice that was made to keep you more immersed in the experience and to not remind you that you were playing a videogame.

Does having used supernatural story elements in the first chapter of the franchise create some annoying expectations from players for future games?

We will do what we believe is the right thing for the franchise and try not to let expectations get in the way of our decision making process.

Do you fear that gamers will now be disappointed if there's no magical curse in future chapters - just, perhaps, pirates?

Who's to say that pirates will even be in any future chapters of the franchise? The wonderful thing about the pulp action/adventure genre is how many options we have. The genre is rich with history and plots can range from the truly fantastic, to stories that are completely rooted in reality. Even we don't know where the next Uncharted will be headed.

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