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See first trailer for Highlander game

Justin McElroy

When you don't know much about a game (definitely the case with Eidos' upcoming Highlander title) you have to kind of go with your gut. After watching this new trailer for the game though, we have to admit that our guts are pretty stymied.

OK, so let's start with the things that make us nervous. 1. This game was announced in 2004. Troublesome. 2. This video doesn't feature any gameplay. 3. The quality is really terrible. 4. No one contacted us to let us know it was up. There's good news too, though: 1. Despite the quality, the backgrounds look pretty good. 2. The voice actor does a fairly solid job. 3. The Quickening!

We guess if we were pressed to give the trailer a passing or failing grade, we'd have to withhold the gold star thanks to the inclusion of the line "Others may lose their head in battle." ... Do you get it? Because you have to cut an Immortal's head off. Really. Someone wrote that. Oh well, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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